Over the past weeks while planning our comeback we have been training and upskilling our team to confidently provide you, our customer with the level of service and care we pride ourselves on. Listed below are actions to best protect our customers and staff from the spread of Covid-19.

Our Actions
  • Our management and staff are specifically trained in Covid-19 guidelines as set by HSE and Government
  • Reduced furniture layout for the increased social distance between guests
  • Single-use menus and hygiene packed cutlery and napkins
  • Increased cleaning schedule throughout the venue
  • Increased sanitisation of tables and touchpoints between guests
  • Increased frequency of handwashing by staff at timed intervals and personally carry hand sanitiser at all times
  • Cleaning products are manufacturer-approved for use against bacteria and viruses and provide increased disinfection of surfaces
  • Designated routes to toilets, and increased toilet cleaning protocol at timed intervals
Your Actions
  • Wash your hands, and use sanitisers provided
  • Provide guest information for contact tracing as directed by public health officials
  • Cashless payments where possible
  • Adhere to social distance guidelines, stay within your group area and refrain from floating until guidelines allow mingling
  • Follow direction from management and staff who have been specifically trained and certified in safe procedures
  • Be understanding of time limits set by public health officials. We would love you to stay all day and night, but right now we have to adhere to guidelines

Do we have to make a reservation?
We encourage to make a reservation in advance of the visit, but we will do our best to accommodate walk-ins where possible.

What will it be like?

We have removed furniture to increase the social distance between tables. Our staff have been specifically trained and certified to best care for our customers on their return. There are increased cleaning and sanitation procedures in place at frequent intervals. There are hand sanitisation stations located throughout the venue. The atmosphere, the food and the drinks will be exactly the same as before. The only difference is we cannot mingle until guidelines allow.

Can we stay for longer than the 120-minute time limit?
We endeavour to work to Government guidelines and all requests will be accommodated where feasible.

Can we move to a new area after our reservation and stay longer?
Under current guidelines, no. However, our team will look after all requests where feasible.

Can we book for more than 6 persons? Can we sit together at one table or on tables close together?
For groups greater than 6 persons, you will have two socially distanced tables unless you are from one household in which case you can sit together. In case you need two tables, the tables will be next to each other but spacious enough to allow social distancing.

Can we just have drinks?
Under current guidelines, you can consume drinks without food in our outdoor space, but must order food (dinner or lite-bites) to have drinks inside. We have delicious lite-bites, light enough for nibbling on with drinks.

Can we book a large workgroup?
Under current guidelines, no. However, we advise you to speak with our reservations team who might be able to resolve your query and find a solution.

How will finger food be passed between guests?
Finger food will be served sharing style between guests on large plates served to your table, and not passed among guests.

Can we use drink tokens?

We would love to hear from you!

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